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Human Rights Compliance Package

Helping Your Organization Meet Global Human Rights Due Diligence Regulations

As Human Rights Due Diligence legislation evolves, the global standard of doing business must also change to reflect this new landscape. SupplyShift’s Human Rights Compliance Package is everything you need to stay ahead of emerging global human rights regulations!

SupplyShift Provides the Tools & Resources You Need!



  • Risk Data To Anticipate Issues & Prioritize Diligence


  • Supplier Human Rights Compliance Assessment For Existing Suppliers & New Supplier Vetting


  • Establish Grievance Mechanism Protocol
  • Ulula Grievance Mechanism Software


  • Set Supplier Actions For Follow up & Improvement
  • Case Management Tools For Grievance Follow Up


  • Standard Analytical Output to Demonstrate Actions & Progress For Reporting

Accelerate Your Human Rights Initiatives


The Human Rights Compliance Assessment

Understand labor practices within your supply chain in order to drive actionable change.

  • Up To 250 Supplier Requests Included.
  • Contact validation & supplier follow-up for the best possible response rates.
  • Platform Analytics Suite setup for ease of reporting.

SupplyShift Supplier Response & Data Validation

Ensure completion & accuracy of supplier responses to guide your engagement efforts.

  • Review Responses & Documents to Validate They Meet Criteria.
  • Direct Outreach to Suppliers to Encourage Response Submission.
  • Manage Requests for Data Corrections.

Ulula Grievance Mechanism Software

Empower workers to raise concerns anonymously while collecting grievances at scale and enabling remediation.

  • Up To 250 Supplier Sites.
  • Case management auto-translation functionality to collaboratively review & resolve grievances.
  • Analytics on grievance type, severity, geographic & demographic data.

Risk Data From Verisk Maplecroft Embedded in SupplyShift

Identify your global risk exposure while simplifying how you comply with emerging legislation.

  • 7 Social Risk Indices On The Country Level.

Measure Results & Track Performance With Effective KPIs

Maximize your understanding of your company’s performance by setting effective KPIs.

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Human rights legislation will continue to evolve. With SupplyShift’s Human Rights Compliance Package, your organization is equipped to meet the requirements of existing and emerging legislation. Identify, prevent, remediate, and report any issue within your supply chain.

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