Forest Materials Supply Chain:

Visibility and Value

SupplyShift allows companies whose supply chain includes forest products to easily trace materials to their source and through all transformations to finished products. This end-to-end supply chain visibility helps companies increase brand value in multiple ways:
  • Avoid reputational risk
  • Ease compliance with laws and corporate commitments
  • Achieve significant cost savings through operational excellence
  • Stay ahead of the curve in a changing marketplace
With SupplyShift, paper, pulp, and lumber mills, as well as buyers at every tier in the supply chain, and the timber operations that provide the industry's raw materials, can easily and securely share data. Suppliers can easily respond to information requests without duplicating effort, curing survey fatigue.

Breakthrough Pilot Project

SupplyShift has developed a pilot study that is already helping some of the world’s leading companies optimize their supply chains, reduce risk, and save money.
Working alongside leading NGOs, Supply Shift’s Forest Products Supply Chain program is a powerful catalyst for creating visibility through a clear and productive process, and provides concrete benefits to all segments of the value chain:
  • Creates a solid foundation for tracking paper packaging and wood sources in the end-to-end supply chain.
  • By engaging suppliers and motivating them to improve practices, it helps partner companies achieve corporate goals.
  • Helps companies streamline their existing processes to make them more efficient and effective.
  • Simple, fast, and highly effective data-collection process engages suppliers in a powerful and user-friendly way to increase visibility and track progress.
  • By entering the new era of secure, cloud-based visibility, creates a holistic view of supplier performance and engages suppliers effectively for continuous improvement and risk reduction.
  • Makes information quickly available to procurement staff to simplify their engagement with suppliers on forest materials risk legality and traceability.