Coffee Data Network

With 40-plus percent of the world’s coffee being produced in compliance with standards governing social responsibility, sustainability, and countless specific metrics, supply chain visibility is mission-critical in the coffee industry.
The Coffee Data Network, pioneered by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and powered by SupplyShift’s breakthrough technology, is an industry-wide campaign to collect, analyze, and share data—and turn that data into actionable information , creating new business value.
SupplyShift’s secure, cloud-based enterprise network helps stakeholders in every segment of the coffee industry—from producers and traders to roasters and retailers— see deeply into their supply chains so they can manage for efficiency, responsibility, and ROI.

Visibility Equals Empowerment

Working with global roasters, retailers, and NGOs around all aspects of the coffee value chain, the Coffee Data Network empowers every segment of the industry:
  • For producers: Improves engagement and training.
  • For audits and certification: Dramatically cuts costs by eliminating duplication.
  • For supply managers: Standardizes and customizes traceability.
  • For traders, roasters, and retailers: Provides access to real-time data.
  • For industry-wide transformation: Enables coherent, data-driven action to address risks, from pest management to social justice issues.

The Network Effect

SupplyShift’s platform was built specifically to ensure secure anonymous data sharing and privacy mechanisms. It empowers every member of your team to easily obtain and evaluate supply chain performance, increase responsibility, and reduce risk.

See data in context across multiple layers and limitless configurations.

Easily track supply chain data in real time:
Data becomes business intelligence